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Australian PGA Member JD Coulon & his brother David Coulon are extremely passionate about the game of golf. Between them they share over 60 Years of experience playing this great game, this has allowed them to recognise the missing element in golf practice.

Recognising that repeatable technique is critical to performing well on the golf course, they created golfstudio, the ultimate indoor golf centre where everyone can enhance their game and improve their performance.

At over 1700m2, golfstudio is the largest indoor golf centre in Australia and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (membership dependant). The centre has been designed to incorporate every component of your game, from an accurate drive down the fairway, the approach shot onto the green, and all aspects of short game, including putting.

Using the worlds’ best analytical technology, golfstudio sets the benchmark in golf practice in Australia. Complete with simulators, driving range, putting zone, indoor sand belt bunker, PGA coaching and tour level club fitting, golfstudio provides for all your golfing needs.

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Finally, with Trackman we can measure feel. Trackman is a military grade doppler radar that can accurately track ball flight within of an inch over 100 yards. Trackman is the world leader in ball flight technology and we are proud to offer it to our members.

The combination of golfstudio and Trackman allows for a faster and efficient learning process, the quality of your practice will now outweigh the quantity. This is the reason why we created golfstudio, to help everyone practice better.