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Driving Range

Driving Range

The future of driving range practice is now here. The range has 10 metres of ball flight, 3-piece high-quality balls, Trackman 4 and a 65’ touchscreen monitor for each bay.

To simulate the feel and performance of actual grass on soil, we have layered the installation of the mats. This is far more realistic than simply placing the mats on concrete, as is the case at many outdoor driving ranges.

We have 4 driving range bays with Trackman 4, the ultra-high-tech ball tracking monitor that measures every aspect of your swing path, as well as the ball flight, to give you heaps of real-time data. This system is invaluable to golfers to analyse potential swing faults and implement data-driven solutions. From impact angle, to swing path, to ball and swing speed, the data you can gather about your swing is incredibly useful.


To simulate the feel and performance of actual grass on soil, we have layered the installation of these mats.

Every training session, every hole you play, every fun tournament you have with your friends, it’s not like the game, it is the game.

We have over 100 World-famous courses appearing in simply stunning detail.

The gameplay is unbelievably smooth and all your club and ball data is shown with unerring, pinpoint accuracy. So if you think you know what simulator golf can do, think again.

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The large coaching room allows for all golfers not to feel claustrophobic and are able to swing freely as if they are outdoors.

Featuring Trackman 4 dual radars, BodiTrak force pads to measure ground force, 2 high speed cameras and 4 large TV screens, the coaching room allows for real time and instant feedback on every swing from every angle.


We only work with the best. Officers will provide a detailed analysis through the selection process. The first few minutes of your fitting will be measuring your clubs. We measure frequency, angle, loft and length. Why is this necessary? So that we can make sure that your clubs are up to spec and suitable for your game.

Please also note that to provide the best performance, we provide golf clubs with top brands such as Titleist, Wilson, Taylormade, Mizuno, Cobra, Cleveland, and Miura.

Club Fitting
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Short Game

golfstudio offers a complete short-game facility to help hone your skills around the green. The huge floor of the facility offers three different types of synthetic grasses to chip from (fairway, first cut and second cut), and a variety of holes that act as targets.

Our indoor bunker is complete with Melbourne Sandbelt sand. The bunker was modelled after the 17th green at neighbouring Woodlands Golf Club.

We are proud to offer the world’s largest installation of a WellPutt Putting green that rolls at 11 on the stimpmeter.

The range is also equipped with a host of alignment/target aids and tech systems—including the CAPTO system (essentially like a Trackman for putting, offering real-time putting analysis, and measurement of 30 different aspects of your putting) to help you improve your play with the flatstick.


Looking after your body is key to longevity in this game, this area helps condition your body to work efficiently with increased strength, balance and mobility.

We provide yoga mats, foam rollers, resistance bands, fit balls, medicine balls to help warm up and cool down.

Every Thursday at 5pm we offer a golf specific Pilates class to our members.