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Trackman Shot Optimize

TrackMan Shot Optimizer

As with any technology there are better software updates and new advances that makes our job easier as teachers and fitters… One of the best I have seen to date is TrackMan’s Shot Optimizer that helps me to understand just…

The Power of Tiger Woods’ Mental Game


Tiger’s win at The Masters in 2019 was undoubtedly the greatest sporting comeback EVER and one of the most historic sporting events ever witnessed. Once again, Tiger Woods’ Mental Game Power wore the leading pack down, and seeing his name…

10 Rules For How To Win *Your* Major

golfstudio2 1

01 Believe you can win. I still remember my first major, the 1985 city championship in Charlottesville, Va. Back then I didn’t play a lot of golf, but I wanted to see how good the players in my town were. I…